Michael Patcher is a myopic tool and no one in their right mind should listen to him on the Xbox one:

But don’t worry. Plenty of tech bloggers Will quote him ad nauseum.

If your as addicted to tech bloggers as I am, you’ve probably heard this a lot. “analyst says Xbox to be sold without Kinect”, “Patcher says a Kinect free Xbox is in the near future”, “Patcher believes Microsoft to sell an Xbox without Kinect soon”, “Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft will make the Kinect optional”. Right! And I believe that if monkeys came flying out of my ass I could be a billionaire just by selling the broadcast rights to pay per view. That doesn’t mean that I should go out and buy that McMansion I’ve always wanted.

Here’s why he’s an idiot. The PS4 is available in 5x’s more markets than the Xbox One. Which is why it has a 2 million unit lead (anyone that doesn’t mention that is a disingenuous bastard). Knowing that I would ask why the PS4s lead isn’t larger if its so much better. But here’s the big reason why Microsoft won’t get rid of the Kinect. At build they announced windows apps for the Xbox one. These apps are developed for use with the Kinect. Not including the Kinect would be like Apple saying in 2006 here’s the iPhone. But here’s a cheaper one without a capacitive screen, a smaller display and physical buttons. An Xbox without a Kinect is a dumb idea from a business perspective, useless from a consumer perspective and pointless from a developer perspective.

Only a short sighted trog that’s only interested in the immediate house race would say get rid of the Kinect. The console gaming market is really small. A user base that’s not the 1.5 billion that is the PC market that Microsoft owns. It’s at best 200,000 million. The mobile gaming market is bigger. For the Xbox One to be successful it has to be (unlike the ps4) useful when not playing games. The Xbox isn’t just competing against the PS4. It’s competing against the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and the Apple TV. Apple which just this past year bought the company that developed the original Kinect (when it was know as project natal) and is going to put it in the apple tv along with siri. (just a side note. Does anyone think it’s funny that the tech bloggers are damn near jizzing in their pants at the thought that an Apple tv is on the way with a Kinect & possibly Siri built in but are demanding that Microsoft dump the Kinect) It would make a lot more sense to dump the optical drive. A smaller, $375 priced Xbox sans the late 20’th century technology of reading a spinning sheet of plastic would be better than not only throwing the brakes on technology, but shifting into reverse.