5 Reasons why Steven J. Vaughan-Nicholas is a Horses’ ass & a lousy excuse for a “journalist”.

     Regarding ZDNets article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols who I would be completely surprised if he used Windows 8 prior to reviewing it.

     This article is total BULLSHIT! The author start out with the I hate Microsoft mindset then list total BULLSHIT reasons that are easily shot down. Windows 8 won’t be the next windows Vista which I used and it worked fine for me. BTW: Why do we consider Vista a failure? Vista out sold the Mac by 5x’s. 5x’s more machines with vista sold than Apple & until recently had more market share. Which means that it out sold every desktop build of Linux by a billion. And the last time I checked it’s not like Microsoft lost money on XP.

1. No one needs Windows 8 on the desktop:

     I’ve been using Windows 8 since its’ been available. I can’t go back to windows 7. Windows 8 is A LOT faster than Windows 7 which by comparison is painfully slow. Then there’s the fact that I can run tablet apps on my laptop so I don’t have to jump from 1 device to another. If I have my laptop out and I want to check out an app that would be on my tablet I don’t have to switch devices. In metro I can run 2 apps conterminously in full screen. Ex: watch a movie and look at the IMDB app at the same time. Windows 8 is a lot simpler to use and even in it’s incomplete beta build I’ve never had an issue with it. Another thing 8 has over 7 is that I can go to a friends house and log into their computer under my account and it’s like logging into my own computer. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is a tech reporter & he didn’t know this? I’m a dog walker and I know this. Please give me his paycheck & job.

2. Metro: An ugly, useless interface.

     Funny! Not only do I disagree with you but I feel the same about Android, Mac and Linux as a whole. I mean really; it’s your choice of static icons or ugly widgets. Live tiles look elegant and give more information. Linux may have the mobile market for now and that’s because it’s free for the OEMs’ who add skins & crap-ware that fragment it then the carriers break it some more. Android is not open when it gets into the hands of the consumer that just wants to run some apps, make calls, browse the web and make the occasional phone call. Most people using android are still using froyo, gingerbread & some honeycomb. think of that like 3 Vistas. I don’t see you bitching about that. and the last time I checked the Mac and Linux on the desktop accounts for around 10% of the entire market. If Windows 8 is the next Vista, it’ll stand hand Mac and Linux their ass. Can I please have this authors paycheck and job.

3. Where are the Windows 8 Applications?

     IT’S NOT DUE TO BE RELEASED TILL OCTOBER. NOT TILL OCTOBER. OCTOBER RELEASE. Where are the apps? are you out of your FUCKING mind? Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is a disingenuous bastard. Where are the Linux apps. That been on the market for a billion years now and it doesn’t have nearly as many apps as the Mac let alone Windows. Microsoft said their only releasing a few apps for the preview. did you really expect 10,000 apps in a preview that won’t RTM for 7 months? Please give me this guys job and pay check.

4. Vexed Windows developers.

     I’m learning how to develop for the first time ever so I really can’t speak for all developers except to day Apple puts developers through worse. Androids a nightmare to dev for. many developers are slowly but surely leaving Android for windows phone and iOS because of its fragmentation. Windows phone & windows 8 app approval is a lot more transparent than iOS and the Mac app store. And the rules are a lot clearer. Your a horses ass that’s doing little to advocate for you platform of choice.

     With Windows 8 you can make a windows phone 8 then with a change of 4 lines of code & it’s a tablet app. For all intents and purposes if you develop for windows 8 you only have to hit 1 target. regardless of whether its an X86 PC or arm tablet. If Windows 8 is anything like Windows Phone, apps can have more features. So why would developers hate Windows 8? They don’t seem to be beating down the door to be on Linux. But then again no one is as far as the desktop goes.

      BTW, Brandon Watson was the guy who was a Microsoft Developer champion advocate at Microsoft for windows phone. He was 1 of the people that that made windows phone the fastest growing app platform. He left Microsoft, in his own words as heard on windows phone dev podcast, because Amazon WILL BE PAYING HIM A REDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY & A BIG PROMOTION. I’d leave my mother for a ridiculous amount of money. ARE YOU STUPID OR JUST IGNORANT? ZDNet.com please give me this A-Holes job and paycheck.

5. Too little, too late for the smartphone/tablet market

     I don’t know why but I’m sure the same thing was said about the Xbox, the Xbox 360, that Apple should stay out of the smartphone market. That Windows 7 would be a flop. That android wouldn’t go anywhere. I remember another Pompous, arrogant ass saying there’s no point to the mouse and that it has no future. He and many people said the same thing about the iPad. People shouldn’t make big pronouncements like this in this day and age. When words can come back to bite you in the ass. So 1 year from the day that Windows 8 is released I say well all come back to this hit piece. Maybe by then I’ll have this morons job and paycheck.

     I have a rule that I try to live by. If you have to try to destroy someone else’s platform to build up your own, then you really don’t have anything to begin with. @sjvn didn’t even bother reaching for straws. He just pulled shit out of his arrogant ass & called it facts worthy of publishing.


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