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     For the most part I’m satisfied with the windows phone marketplace. There’s not an app from iOS or android that I would really want bad enough to make a jump. Windows Phone is too good to leave for any app really. Microsoft has jumped through many hoops to get the top apps from iOS and Android into the marketplace. But there are apps that I would like to see on the platform that are missing. Go to the marketplace and type in the words gay dating or lesbian dating. Do you see anything? neither did I! Pretty much every minority group is represented in the marketplace except for gay people. I can find an app that’s particular to ethnicity, sex or religion. But GLBT apps are few and far between and GLBT dating apps are absent. I personally don’t believe this has anything to do with Microsoft. This is on the part of developers of apps like Grindr, Bender, Boy Ahoy, Adam4Adam, guyspy, gaydar, badoo, manhunt, savage love and are you interested. there’s nothing in mango that keeps them from having their app on windows phone. windows phone has the same rules as iOS. Unless their looking for Brandon Watson to hold their hand through the process of making and deploying an app there’s little reason to make their app available to windows phone users. Straight dating apps are also missing from the marketplace such as Blender and skout which are made by the same developers as Grindr and BoyAhoy. Their reason as some have stated is market share. but many of these apps are available on blackberry which is loosing market share every day. never mind that their apps would only work on some blackberry’s. I get that it’s a double edged sword when it comes to app. You can’t have apps without market share and you can’t have market share without apps.

     But developers of apps with larger demand are on the marketplace. plants vs. zombies, bank of America, angry birds, whats app, and seesmic are all cross platform. Glympse, Evernote, Bejewled and Grooveshark are all on that dead platform known as WebOs and many popular apps are available on Symbian. It can’t simply be an issue of market share at this point. Windows phone has no where to go but up and MANY market forcasters have said that they see windows phone becoming a strong 3’rd player in the next 2 years. Even GLBT organizations are missing. there’s no, the advocate or HRC app available. An entire minority group is absent from windows phone not because of Microsoft but because of the apps that are supposed to cater to my community. So I’m writing this to ask you to help let these devs know there apps are missing from the marketplace. Windows Phone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Microsoft has lots of money which means they have a lot of time to build and market this platform. that nows the time for them to be a big fish in a small pond because if they wait someone else will make an app that does what their app does and then they will be struggling for attention. you can reach them on twitter @Grindr , @blendr , @adam4adam , @Gaydar , @guyspyapp , @benderapp , for skout and boyahoy and ask them why their apps are absent from the windows phone marketplace. Their not banned, their apps can easily be ported and windows phone unlike blackberry, symbian and webos will not only be around in the next 5 years but is growing in market share. And if you can please show this post to Brandon Watson. Now I’m going to get to writing strongly worded letters to the devs of words with friends and

Roman David DeSilva




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