Is John C. DVorak a sanctimonious, cynical asshole with an ax to grind?

So I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been busy with personal stuff. I’ll be back at it again soon. but I was provoked into posting today after reading this.  Go on and read it. I’ll give you a few minutes……..

Done? Good! so if you’re a good little Metro-Head like me, you probably hit the ceiling and had a few words with John C. DVorak. I probably shouldn’t waste time being angry at DVorak. It’s not like he has a great “journalistic” track record. This is the guy who said that there’s no future in the mouse.

So this article has set me off. But this horse’s ass has had it coming for a while. So after windows phone launched, DVorak was on the TWIT podcast and the topic of Windows phone 7 came up. He said that windows phone should have had Facebook built into it. That Microsoft was stupid for not leveraging it’s stock in Facebook to get it integrated. He was corrected on air and pointed out to him that windows phone does have Facebook integration. He then complained that it’s Microsoft’s fault that he didn’t know that because they should be advertising that feature. THEY WERE RUNNING FUCKING ADS DURRING PRIME TIME TOUTING THAT. I SAW THE 1’ST ONE ON SMALLVILLE.

I don’t like pointing it out over and over again but I’m a dog walker. Tech blogging is a hobby about a passion. I KNEW WINDOWS PHONE HAD FACEBOOK INTEGRATION FROM MWC 2010. He’s a paid fucking “journalist” that’s been doing his job since I was born. I guess he couldn’t find something about windows phone to hate because he wrote this article. Does have a quota for its writers? No really? Do their writers have to write X number of articles a month or they get strapped naked to the hood of a 57 caddy and whipped 50 times?

I don’t know if windows phone has a soul. I have yet to see it write a song, paint a landscape or if it’s seen a miracle that could’ve only have been a message from the divine. I do know that when you have nothing to write, pull as much shit out of you ass and hope that no one notices. Esspecially if your a no-talent hack with a deadline. After the All Things D demo of Windows 8 Dvorak was once again on TWIT. He, Leo (Human Master Card: He’s who ever his guest want him to be) LePorte and Gina Tripani were ragging on Windows 8, calling it the next vista. He at some point stated that Windows 8 is doomed if there’s no way to get back to the windows 7 ui. Here’s some video for you. If you never saw the demo before. Don’t worry, neither has Dvorak. Skip ahead to to 8 min 26 sec. Before he made his guest appearance on TWIT he wrote an article stating the exact same thing.

As you saw from the video you can use the new metro ui and easily get to the windows 7 ui very easily. You can use the same O.S on a desktop or tablet. You just have a choice in the Ui regardless of what your using. This was pointed out to him on the show by both Leo and Gina. But Dvorak is a lazy horse’s ass. As of this day that article has not been updated to correct this. What bugs me about Dvorak is that if your wrong, if you make mistake after careless mistake. when you say things like there’s no future for the mouse. The iPad will be a failure. the list goes on. HOW THE FUCK IS IT THAT YOU HAVE A JOB AND ARE ASKED TO BE A PUNDIT ON ANYTHING?

Dvorak has an agenda (Irony). He’s someone who can be easily spoon fed negative information about Microsoft and repeat it like a well trained parrot. for him the hay day of computing was back when a PC was the size of a warehouse and required coal to be shoveled into it’s boiler regularly and except for the Apple 2, computers have gone down hill since then. John is insisting on holding onto this old definition of what’s a computer.

Dear John! In that will windows 8 kill Microsoft article. You said Personal computing is like a car with the dominant metaphor being that of the desktop that we’ve been kicking down the road since the 80’s. That the car hasn’t changed much since the 1930’s and neither should the computer. Sweet John, the car has changed. It no longer kills us when we start it. much of it has voice command. Some cars have the steering wheel mounted in the center of the car. we can have cars with the engine in the back or the front and many cars have to engines. 1 for gas and the other for electricity. some cars even drive themselves. the car has evolved much more than you believe John. And the computer needs to evolve as well. If this scares you I’ll find a commodore 64 or an Altair & you can play with it in a 38 Studebaker. The Metaphor of the desktop is more like you hair line. quickly fading into the distance. never to be seen again.

Dvoraks entitled to his opinion but when your wrong or blatantly biased, in a decent society, shouldn’t you quit or have be FIRED as to not make an ass out of yourself and your publisher?

I don’t like suggesting in anyway that someone should lose their job. But Dvorak has a bug up his ass the size of a Volkswagen. What he has against Microsoft I don’t know. Is Microsoft more evil than apple? well Redmond hasn’t sent at cops and their own jack booted thugs to find a phone they lost twice. more evil than Google? Microsoft only gave away a browser. They didn’t dump an entire mobile o.s on the market to increase their search dominance. so the only thing left to do is pull out a doll and ask where the bad company touched him. because that’s the only thing left to ask.

I’m done with Dvorak. He Was a lot more entertaining on cranky geeks. But since 2008 he’s gotten more pretentious. More cynical. More annoying and frankly he’s become a predicable bore. He’s the Glen Beck of tech journalist sans the black board and charming personality. His only talent is causing frustration that he’s considered an authority on ANYTHING. When he’s a guest on TWIT I wont be listening. is dead to me and I’m not follow him on twitter.

In the original Freddy Krueger movie, Nancy turned her back on the monster and it lost it’s power. At least until the next scene (spoiler alert; Freddy comes back 10 more times over the course of 30 years) I’m ignoring Dvorak. At least until he’s capable of saying something that makes sense.


2 thoughts on “Is John C. DVorak a sanctimonious, cynical asshole with an ax to grind?

  1. It really stinks when people are able to get [us] so angry just by spouting obvious junk. Now you have to carry that around with you pondering just why people out and out lie, or at the very least regurgitate information without checking themselves.

    Sorry, man. Hope the rest of the day picks up for you.

    • it’s really a cheap “journalististic” trick. this is his nitch. but it’s like those stories that go ” 5 things that” or “7 issues which”. its called running the numbers. “lazy journalist do it when they have a deadline and not much to write.

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