Attack of The Killer App of the week.



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      I’ll be highlighting the best Windows Phone app or apps of the week. There’s rules for being a killer app. You have to hit at least 4 out of 6 of them to be in the list. If your app doesn’t make the cut, hit them back & tell them to read this site to get a better understanding of what a Windows Phone app is supposed to be.

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    1. Be Dynamic; To be a killer app it has to do a lot. Not just 1 thing really well. We’re talking Swiss army knives here. Not switch blades or scalpels. Further more, Looking good is the icing on the cake. It has to get the job done.

    2. Ease of use; The app has to be self explanatory. If it requires a tutorial or more than 5 minutes to figure out (more time than it takes a doctor to scrub up for surgery), you won’t find it here.

    3. Good customer support; Does the app have a website with support. Preferably with an account or at the very least twitter help.

    4. Hub integration; Windows phone is about app integration. Not diving in & out of app to do something that’s in 1 field. If its a stand alone app for the sake of being a stand alone app. A music & video app that not in Zune or a picture app that’s not in the photos hub. Then it will find itself not in another place. That’s in the killer app of the week list.

    5. Engaging; Does it make me want to look at my phone more than a surgeon general would advise. Microsoft ads be damned!

    6. Bang for the buck; Is it worth it? The price of a phone isn’t what you pay when you get it. It’s the price you pay to use it. That means the data plan & the apps that make it worth owning.

Lets get to it:


27541_50367913584_4483_n Tonido: This is an awesome productivity app for both your phone and your PC. This is so simple a baby chimp that’s been repeatedly dropped on it’s head & force fed lead paint chips can use it. Step 1: Download the app for your windows phone. Step 2: Download the desktop app. Its light weight and runs in the background. I love my main PC to death but at times it runs like an over size netbook. So I don’t install anything that is going to make it run slower than it already is. I’ve had no performance issues. Step 3: Follow the simple instructions and now you can access any file on your computer. If for some reason you haven’t installed Windows live Mesh, you don’t have a SkyDrive account and haven’t signed up for Office 365. Or worse yet, your like me and you need every means of accessing you files possible. Then meet your killer app. For any file that that you haven’t Synced with Microsoft’s free live services and Apps, this free app allows you to access all your files so long as your home PC is on and online. The mobile app is pretty straight forward. No extra bell and whistle here. It mirrors your system file tree so that you can find your files. Both the app and the desktop client are free and mobile app can stream media and download docs and pictures. So now you can leave your computer at home. Send the money for you chiropractor to Tonido instead. And if you have any questions, you can reach them on twitter pretty easily.      

wp7_browse wp7_screenshot


pcr PC Remote: Best tool for those of us that are to lazy to be at our computers to use them. PC Remote is also perfect for those of us that have Wi-Fi enabled PCs’ that are connected to a large monitor. Just like Tonido, Download the app for you phone, install the PC client & follow the instructions. PC remote uses your Wi-Fi connection. Again, the desktop client is very light weight. My oversized netbook doesn’t even act like its running this in the background. So what’s the point of this app. Much like apple has a remote for their iOS devices to control their OSX hardware. This is the perfect answer to that on the W7 and Wp7 side. It controls the browser, Power Point, Windows Media Center, iTunes, Netflix, VLC, Hulu, Media Player classic, & most importantly *Zune*. The list goes on. No need for a really good wireless Keyboard & mouse. Control the most basic of functions from your couch. You can reach them via Facebook or at

 pcr1      pcr2      pcr3pc

thumba_photo_editor2551Thumba Photo Editor: I’ve been hoping that Microsoft brings Windows live photo gallery to windows phone for editing pictures on the phone. For .99 cents Thumba Photo Editor is pretty close. It integrates into your photo hub. Just the way God and Joe Belfiore intended it. Whether you want to do a quick touch up or overhaul a really bad photo. This is the photo app for you. If you have any problems you can reach them at not that you really will need to. The app is easy to use and very self explanatory. Not to mention trouble free.

See the awesomeness yourself.

     Very rarely do I say this but Thumba, Tonido and PC Remote are apps so good, I really wish Microsoft would just out right buy them and make them part of Windows, Windows Phone and Zune. They all hit the right price mark, their all easy to use and they all, make it so that not only do you not really have to use multiple apps to do the things in a related field because they are the Swiss army knife or their fields. But in the case of Tonido it actually saves you from having to lug around a computer. They all have good customer support and in the case of Thumba, the app was written for Windows Phone by integrating into to photos Hub (are you listening to me Flicker). PC Remote fills a gap seen by Windows Phones largest competitor & it’s easy to install and use.

     So that’s the Attack of the Killer App of the week for the week of 06/10/2011. If you have a killer app suggestion email me at or hit me back on twitter @foxmental_x or @WPRoundUp or find me in the Zune social, I’m foxmental_x. Send a link to the app or the correct name of the app & tell me why this is your killer app. I’ll try it out for a week & if I like it, it’ll be a killer app of the week. Also, I’ll be starting a separate site for everything regarding Microsoft. It’s called Redmond Revolution & this month I’m starting a weekly podcast of the same name. Check back next Friday for……




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