Attack of the killer app of the week


     Welcome to the 1’st Attack of the killer app of the week. Where I’ll highlight the best windows phone app of the week. My 1’st award is a tough one as they helped set a criteria for this segment. Dynamic: To be a killer app it has to do a lot. Not just 1 thing really well. We’re talking swiss army knives here, not switch blades. Another is easy to use: The app has to self explanatory. If it requires a tutorial or more than 5 minutes to figure out (roughly the amount of time for a surgeon to scrub before removing a organ from a living body), you won’t find it here.

     Another is good customer support. Does the app have a website with support or at the very least twitter help. Another criteria is if applicable, hub integration. The best example of a good app is Thumba which is for editing photos. But you can find it in the photo hub. An example of a bad app would be flicker. A photo album app that’s part of yahoos’ flicker service. Its not in 2 places. 1 Is the photos hub where it should be. The other is in the killer app of the week list. At least until this is fixed. So my 1’st was really hard to pick so I picked my 2 favorites ones:

Thumbnail (21)

  1. MoTweets: If you were a windows mobile user like me then you know this app. Panoramics MoTweets crossed crossed over earlier this year and its the only twitter app I use on my windows phone. Its very good looking. It takes full advantage of Metro UI guidelines while being utilitarian. A beauty queen in combat boots. Its a lot better than Seesmic or Rowi which only succeeds in looking pretty (I’ll take Sandra Bullock over Paris Hilton any day). Its responsive for an app that does so much. You can easily flow through screens. It can load as much as 200 tweets and allows you to start in chronological order with 1 touch. Great customer support thru twitter @PanoramicDev. Their happy to take your questions & suggestions. Multiple account twitter account support that’s easy to manage and Facebook integration. In fact its the only way I use twitter when I can help it. MoTweets is a feature rich Swiss army knife of twitter apps that makes twitter useable for twitter addicts & its getting more feature rich by the update. Makes me hungry for a desktop version. Because Seesmic while pretty, just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. You can get the app here in the Zune marketplace for $1.99 or use the ad supported trial. If your a twitter addict like me then your going to want as much screen real-estate as you can get & go pro. It the best $2.00 you’ll spend


  2. KeyRing: So I was using cardstar on my W.P & recently decided to bomb my device. Here’s the problem I ran into. Apps like cardstar mean that you never have to keep track of the original cards. I lost all my cards. Both the physical & digital 1’s. The KeyRing app is a savior for airheads like me because it has an account and syncing support. I created an account and all my cards are not only backed up online. But when I get a new phone all I have to do is log in & it syncs back to my phone. Great customer support through twitter @keyringapp. I had a problem with my library card as the New York Public Library wasn’t listed in its menu. I tweeted them & in less than 24 hrs they had the New York Public Library listed. Logo & all. Now you see why there are 2 killer apps of the week. It can scan a card as opposed to manually imputing the number. Anything that lets me be lazier than I already am is a good thing. I can also Share cards. Get alerts to deals that go with the cards. Get cards thru the app without having to go to the store. Again, anything that lets be lazier is a good thing. The app and the service are free and available here in the Zune Marketplace. This app is great for shoppers and shoppers who like me are lazy airheads ^_^

So that’s my 1’st Attack of the killer app of the week. If you have a killer app of the week suggestion email me at or hit me back on twitter @foxmental_x or @WPRoundUp or hit me back in the Zune social, I’m foxmental_x. Send a link to the app or the correct name of the app & tell me why this is your killer app. I’ll try it out for a week & if I like it, it’ll be the killer app of the week. Also a bit of News I’m starting a separate site for everything regarding microsoft. It’s called Redmond Revolution and this month I’m starting a weekly podcast of the same name.

Because I love this show so much =D

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